Andre Flewellen: Blog en-us (C) Andre Flewellen (Andre Flewellen) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:48:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:48:00 GMT Andre Flewellen: Blog 83 120 Dog Fishhead Brewery Its been awhile since my last post but I had a pleasure to go see a friend for the 4th of July weekend. While I was there with Ms.Rav we stopped in at Dogfish Head Craft brewery and took a tour. Its interesting to see how this brewery grew in a time when larger companies are eating the poor little guys but this one business thrived in one of the smallest states in the union.

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Philadelphia Flower Show 2015 Well I hooked up with my GF and we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show. So my convention center visit is done for this year. The show was fantastic, I was there earlier for the BlackTie Affair for Philly Style Magazine where you can see the photos from that on their website. I like the way they mix flowers unlike what I did for my garden.The  Convention Center was packed with people and jammed with beautiful flowers so if you ever get a chance I suggest you go to this event.


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The Beginning This Is my first attempt at this. I am doing this as a way to have fun in photography and writing. this blog will be based around my journey on the weekend with my GF who I will name as Ms.Rav being that we went to the Philadelphia Auto show and she liked the loaded Toyota Rav 4, or at least one of many cars she or I could afford. As for me I liked the Mercedes AMG, but of course this is as close as I will get to one unless I hit the lottery or my photography hits the big time.


The first step was to get on a train or subway to Philly from N.J. Jersey., New Jersey has the ticket you slide to get on the platform and slide it to get off the train area to parking lot which I found weird. Anyways we take the train to the show where I thought was a fun day and food afterwards at a local eatery which didn't have what I wanted being that they where out of the meat trays but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


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